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Financial Tracking

Want to manage and see how you are spending? Want to know what are the top household expenses? We have this covered. Get Alerts – easy.

Bank Fees and Charges

Want to know how much you pay in bank charges and fees each month? Our regular alerts and reporting allow you to manage how much you pay to the bank each month – you maybe surprised.

Monitor Like The Professionals

  1. Want to get ready for your next big goal? Use our tools like the professionals do. MyMoney can get all your assets, liabilities, investments, bank accounts and income and expenses categorised.

Special Offers

We all like that special offer. Whether that be interest rate discounts, refunds of commissions, low fees or even discounts on regular spending.

Financial Fitness

Financial fitness can greatly assist with your overall personal health and wellbeing. By being in control of your income, expenses, assets, liabilities and goals you are able to better manage, gain a greater understanding and be in a position of financial strength and understanding. My Money understands the importance of being financially, mentally and personally fit and wants to assist you along the way.

Why You’ll Love My Money

A theme that we’ll bring some spunk to your next project, and here is why:

Optimised for Easy Access

Simple access via PC, tablet, smartphone and coming shortly an app. All centrally managed and controlled. Enter once – manage multichannel.

Multi Channel Support

Want to utilise instant chat to find out more. We have that covered. With 8 Channels our AI ChatBot Melanie can assist you via Webchat, Skype, Facebook Messenger, Telegram, Viber, Kik, Line or Slack.


Do you have multiple accounts you want to monitor? No problem, we are able to assist with your mortgage tracking, credit cards, bank accounts, superannuation and shares. We are continually adding new account providers. or just ask and we will try and add.

New Products

Are you looking for new products and services? Look no further we have access to mortgage brokers, direct product providers, real estate brokers and agents. Just ask and we can review our list.

Need Video Help

Sometimes it is just easy to watch a video or get onscreen interactive help. Our solution helps with the ease in education.

One Plan All Services

Simple Easy To Understand

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